Services We Provide

Why Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy has helped thousands of people to live a more productive and fulfilling life by helping to bring balance to your body. Physical Therapy, “PT”, encourages restoration, maintenance and development in people who are recovering from recent injury, surgery or any other type of issue that is affecting the mobility and functionality of the body. PT can help set the foundation for lifestyle changes that can help prevent future injury and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Here are just a handful of issues Physical Therapy can help you with:
Reduce or eliminate pain. Exercises and manual therapy techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization or treatments such as ultrasound, e-stim or taping can help relieve pain and even restore muscle and joint function in order to reduce pain and keep it from returning.

Avoid surgery. Sometimes a little-guided exercise and therapy can help strengthen and correct any issues you that may be causing you problems. Even if surgery is required, sometimes pre-surgery therapy can help strengthen you beforehand making recovery a lot faster afterward.

Manage diabetes and vascular conditions. As part of an overall plan, exercise can help to effectively manage blood sugar. And not only that, PT can help people with diabetes who have problems with sensation in their lower extremities. Some other issues where Physical Therapy can help are: recovery from a stroke, recovery and prevention of sports injuries, improving daily mobility, preventing falls by improving balance, manage age-related issues, manage lung and heart disease as well as women’s care for pregnancy and post-partum.

Occupational Therapy

While Physical Therapy is designed to help improve the movement of the human body, Occupational Therapy helps you with your ability to perform activities of daily life.

Sports Injury Rehab

We love working with athletes at Adams Rehab Solutions and we understand the importance of getting you back to 100% performance capability. We work closely with your trainers, coaches and physicians to guide you towards a speedy and healthy recovery, as well as give you the tools to help prevent further injury.

Gait Training

Some illness and injuries can hinder our ability to stand and walk. Gait training can help you get back on your feet and moving in a more efficient and balanced way.

Vestibular Rehab for Vertigo

Vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbance and/or imbalance are some of the problems
Vestibular Rehab can help treat. We have worked with several patients to help improve inner ear/balance issues and have been able to find a lot of success and relief for our patients.

Chronic Pain Management

Physical Therapy has shown immense promise in managing and in some cases completely relieving and correcting chronic pain. If you are tired of being tied down by your pain or by medications, give us a call today and we can discuss your options for getting back to a more enjoyable life!

Return to Active Lifestyle Programs

Our Return to Active Lifestyle Programs is for our everyday active patients who have recently been injured or who have noticed a change in their abilities and would like to get back to doing what they love most. Give our office a call today for more information!

TPI Certified

We’re serious about helping to improve player performance. That’s why our therapists have become TPI Certified (Titleist Performance Institute). We can assist you with golf-related injuries as well as performance limitations to get you playing in a more efficient, effective and enjoyable way.